AutoLex, une équipe d'humains passionnés par l'IA

AutoLex regroupe des passionnés d'IA, de droit, de technologie et d'entrepreneuriat.

Notre histoire

Tout à commencé en 2023...

2023 • Février


Like many people, we were blown away by the technical advances in generative AI with the release of GPT 3, which widens the field of possibilities.

2023 • Mars


We're beginning to use the various possible models and to see how they can be integrated.

2023 • May

Product development

We begin development of the AutoLex AI product: specifications, UX design, technical architecture, language model training and finetuning...

2024 • Mars

Release of AutoLex AI v1

After almost a year of R&D, version 1 of AutoLex AI is now available for legal professionals.

Our vision

We're a team of technology enthusiasts. Our vision is based on the reasoned use of artificial intelligence to help legal professionals in their day-to-day work.

Our founders

AutoLex AI was founded by two engineers with a passion for AI and 25 years of cumulated entrepreneurial experience.

We're hiring!

We are constantly looking for new talented members in our team. Get in touch with us if you're interested by the AutoLex project!

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